Childbirth Classes

Every expectant mother has a different picture of what she would like her birth experience to look like. For some, it might be an unmedicated hospital birth. Others would prefer to be surrounded by your family and friends at a birth center. Maybe you’re not sure you want a completely unmedicated birth, but you would like to labor as long as you can before receiving an epidural. Or perhaps your heart’s desire is for a home waterbirth. Whatever your ideal birth looks like, preparation is essential to maximize the chances of turning that vision into a reality.


Photo courtesy of Nicole Eades

I offer private childbirth classes in the comfort of your home, tailored to your family’s particular needs. Classes can be short and focused on a specific topic, such as a comfort measures supplement or a refresher course, or more lengthy and comprehensive to cover a wide range of topics about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and newborn care.

Class time is casual and interactive. In addition to verbal presentation and discussion time, you will have an opportunity to learn through practicing different positions and comfort techniques, trying out supplies you might consider using in labor (like a birth ball, rebozo, and massage tools), and watching videos about labor, birth, and newborn care. You will also be given materials that can be used for review and reference after our time together is over.


Photo courtesy of Embrace Birth Photography

The cost for a class varies according to the time spent and the information covered, but generally ranges from $50 for supplementary or refresher courses to $200 for a comprehensive class. If you live more than 30 miles away from me, a travel fee may apply. Students who take my classes are eligible for a $50 discount off my doula services.

For more information or specific pricing, please contact me.