IMG_0846“Having Laura as my doula helped me feel more at ease through my pregnancy and labor.” Melissa W.

“My family and I instantly felt comfortable with Laura from our first meeting with her. She just has a way of making you feel calm and confident in yourself during pregnancy and labor.” Kristy R.

“Laura’s calm, knowledgeable presence was exactly what we needed to have a beautiful, natural birth.” Jean S.

“I would and do recommend every woman have a doula if you intend on having natural childbirth. The comfort Laura gave me was what made the experience so wonderful. I know I would not have had a drug free delivery if it was not for her.” Jamie H.

“Laura has such a calming and reassuring voice that gives you the confidence that you can make it through the labor and birth experience without pain medication.” Elle S.

“Laura’s service as my doula opened my eyes to options and resources that have proved invaluable to my family.” Coleen L.

“My husband and I agree that without Laura we would have never made it through our long labor. She remained calm and extremely helpful especially when things seemed to not go as planned. She was able to help us both in so many ways.” Frankie L.


Photo courtesy of Embrace Birth Photography

“Laura was wonderful during labor! She was a wealth of information and support.” Lisa M.

“Although I had no way of knowing until after my birth, I truly feel that I needed Laura during my labor. Thank goodness she rarely left my side, and instinctively knew what would comfort me. She also knew when I needed to be alone and rest. My gratitude for Laura goes beyond words; she was instrumental in me having a peaceful, gentle birth at home. My entire family is grateful for her caring help during our special time.” Kary B.

“Laura’s childbirth classes gave us the tools we needed to create a birth plan perfect for us.” Jean S.

“Laura’s comprehensive materials, knowledge, and personal experience helped bring us to a place where we felt we were prepared for whatever might happen during our labor and delivery process.” Shanna S.